Gleanings: July 28, 2016

Fight for $15 rally in front of Cincinnati City Hall November 10, 2015.
  • Democrats join Fight for $15.
  • Fight for $15: Fusing racial and economic justice.
  • Baltimore: Biased police investigation?
  • Colin Powell: Immigrants make America better every day.
  • Local workers recover $147k in unpaid wages.

Democrats join Fight for $15

The July 21 Democratic party platform calls for a $15 federal minimum wage over time and to index the rate to inflation. “We also support creating one fair wage for all workers by ending the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers and people with disabilities,” according to the platform.

Fight for $15: fusing racial and economic justice

In an attempt to unify racial and economic protest movements around the country, the Fight for $15 will hold its first nation-wide convention in Richmond, Va., the capital of the old Confederacy, on Aug. 12-13.

“We’ll be confronting our nation’s biggest, most important issues — the crisis of today’s low wages and the effects of racist policies that have held back working people of color.”

Baltimore: Biased police investigation?

The New York Times reported the Maryland state’s attorney blamed police for a biased investigation that failed to produce a single conviction of any of the six police officers charged in the death of Freddy Gray, a black man who died in a police van more than one year ago.

C4AD recently reported that an Ohio state supreme court task force strongly recommends that exclusive authority to investigate and prosecute cases regarding police use of deadly force be granted to the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

The OAG currently has the statutory right to prosecute certain types of cases, but only after the local prosecutor fails to exercise the right of first refusal.

Gen. Colin Powell: “Immigrants—future Americans—make America better every single day.”

“Immigration is a vital part of our national being,” opined retired four-star general Colin Powell in the Wall Street Journal, where he argued for immigration reform that provides access to education and a clear path to citizenship

General Colin Powell of the United States Army in April 1989, as the Commander of FORSCOM. Public domain photo.
General Colin Powell of the United States Army in April 1989, as the Commander of FORSCOM. Public domain photo.

Powell, the son of two poor Jamaican immigrants, is a former national security adviser (1987-89), chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989-93), and secretary of state (2001-05).

“My parents arrived—one at the Port of Philadelphia, the other at Ellis Island—in search of economic opportunity, but their goal was to become American citizens, because they knew what that made possible.”

The Democratic party platform calls for fixing the immigration system and including a path to citizenship. The Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has expressed her intent, if elected, to introduce immigration reform in her first 100 days in office.

Local workers shorted $147,000 by Canadian contractor on Sharonville job

Pipefitters and bricklayers working on the Viking Village Shared Facility Pool in Sharonville will recover a total of $147,000 in back wages and benefits following an investigation by the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division, according to a press release issued by DOL.

Gall Construction of America LTD, based in Ontario, Canada, which does business as Acapulco Pools, underpaid its workers as much as $17 per hour in wages and benefits in violation of the Davis-Bacon Act and the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act, which govern wage rates for projects receiving federal funds.