By Jim DeBrosse and Mike Brown

At the Golden Corral in Mason, servers discovered their manager was shaving hours from their weekly time cards to keep the restaurant’s costs down.

"Trillions of dollars that could have been spent on innovation and job creation in the U.S. economy over the past three decades have instead been used to buy back shares for what is effectively stock-price manipulation."

~ William Lazonick, 2014 Harvard Business Review-McKinsey award winner 

Groups Rally for Tomato Workers in Kroger’s Supply Chain

Kroger shareholders gathered at Cincinnati’s Music Hall on June 25. As in years past, the Coaltion of Immokalee […]

"My bills are getting higher and my paychecks getting lighter, but I'll take day at a time."

~Dale Watson, 2015 country album Call Me Insane

In New York where the entry-level fast food workers earn $16,920 per year, the governor has convened a wage board to evaluate whether fast-food workers are adequately paid. In Hamilton County, fast-food workers average about $12,150 per year, but the governor is bound by the minimum wage rates set out in the Ohio Constitution.

McDonalds - creative commons
McDonald’s (creative commons)