Local construction subcontractor R&R Steel got caught paying immigrant workers way less than they were due.


McDonald’s franchise business model–one in which the parent company rejects any responsibility to its franchise workers for wages, benefits, and working conditions–is under attack by the National Labor Relations Board, according to the company and the International Franchise Association. And Republican legislators in Congress are sympathetic to their call for help.

We report here on matters that recently piqued the interest of C4AD:

  • Proposed state-wide regulations for ride-sharing services like Uber support the company’s view that its drivers are self-employed contractors
  • A quick look at two local anti-poverty efforts: the Cincinnati Preschool Promise program and Mayor John Cranley’s target without a program
  • A bill in the legislature would reduce financial contributions from Ohio employers while replenishing money in the unemployment fund. To perform this magic, the bill would slash unemployment benefits for workers even more.
  • A bill proposed by Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Westwood), a vigorous opponent of immigration reform, would bring in thousands of unskilled foreign workers for seasonal jobs.